Who do you call when faced with an overwhelming cleaning dilemma?
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Recent television shows have portrayed some horrible residential circumstances that flabbergast most of us. We now see the sadness of those who suffer from

  • Hoarding
  • Inordinate collection of animals or
  • Those who are in need of residential or commercial sanitizing, or disinfecting/deodorizing homes or businesses.

Cleaning Specialist Inc. (CSI) specializes in just such work. Cleaning such situations also require disposal of the clean-up. CSI is known for their compassionate staff that is sensitive to the owners’ situation.

Most importantly, Cleaning Specialist Inc prides itself in presenting a comprehensive bid prior to the beginning of work and stays true to that bid. If there are any unforeseen circumstances once work commences, the work is halted while the customer is notified in writing of a revised bid for additional discovered work. Written approval must be received before the work resumes through completion. Only the highest regard is taken to insure the integrity of the company, the family, and the work.

CSI will handle the complete cleaning and reconstruction while working directly with your insurance company to minimize the pain and hassles for you and your family.

Let the professionals assist you in resolving what may be an overwhelming situation.

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