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Biohazard Remediation

Some of us may have experienced the trauma of cleaning up a home or business due to a natural disaster from a storm, tornado, or flood. However, nothing compares to the clean-up necessary after the trauma of an unattended death, homicide or suicide. Cleaning Specialist Inc. leads in this industry not only as a consummate professional in remediation but in the compassionate care provided to the first responders on the scene and the family suffering the loss of loved ones.

The average person has no reason nor suspects to have the knowledge or experience in this field. That is why Cleaning Specialist Inc. is the company to use to mediate the unexpected expenses associated with such a clean-up.

Most importantly, Cleaning Specialist Inc prides itself in presenting a comprehensive bid prior to the beginning of work and stays true to that bid. If there are any unforeseen circumstances once work commences, the work is halted while the customer is notified in writing of a revised bid for additional discovered work. Written approval must be received before the work resumes through completion. Only the highest regard is taken to insure the integrity of the company, the family, and the work.

Biohazard removal is very complex with the high incident of communicable disease or infection in our society. Blood borne diseases can survive sometime after death and can be contracted not only from direct skin contact but also through inhalation. That is why it is critical that the area is secured and protection of individuals at the site is proper. Only experienced, educated professionals can identify the immediate area of contamination as well as any surrounding areas that can be contaminated through leaking or airborne contagion.

Don’t take a risk – let the professionals of CSI remove this liability from your responsibility so that you can tend to those suffering the loss of their loved ones or fellow employees.

Cleaning Specialist Inc. is licensed to remediate the scene and remove and dispose of all products legally.

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