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Biohazard/Crime Scene Cleanup

As a leader Biohazard/Crime Scene clean up, Cleaning Specialist Inc. transfers the liability of the scene remediation from the local police to professionals certified in this industry. Biohazard/crime scene remediation has been dramatized with many television programs in recent years, however, it is a serious profession governed by federal and local agencies with reason. Biohazard/crime scene cleaning begins once the area is released by the local police and medical examiner’s office. This includes blood spills, non-blood borne organics, toxic irritants or disease borne products. Recent legal and ethical complications have caused biohazard/crime scene clean up to be outsourced by police and fire departments to insure that regulations are followed and the legal disposal of products is followed.

Why Choose Cleaning Specialist Inc.?

The concern of the safety of this cleaning and the laws governing leads to contracting only professionals experienced in this industry as well as versed in current standards and laws governing the cleaning process and the protection of the community surrounding the site. That is what sets Cleaning Specialist Inc. (CSI) aside from others.

  • Certified professionals available on all calls.
  • 24/7 prompt on call service to all police, fire departments and agencies.
  • Decontamination precautions are taken that no surrounding areas are subject to contamination to adjacent property or persons.
  • Cleaning Specialist Inc. staff on site until the scene is completely remediated and secured.
  • Legal Compliance of complete remediation including disposal of products is done through a biohazardous waste disposal company.
  • Direct cooperation with insurance companies throughout the remediation of the scene.
  • Standards set by the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA), the first specialty trade organization in this field, are followed.