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Industrial Biohazard

What constitutes industrial biohazard waste?  Industrial biohazard remediation differs from any other crime scene hazard in that chemicals or mechanical equipment unique to the industry enter into the equation.   It is imperative that those who are doing the clean-up are profoundly aware of the dangers of this as it may interact with clean up techniques or solutions used at the scene.   Death, unattended or not, is a traumatic affair and it is best to leave the employers to serve the affected surviving employees so that the professionals can mediate the environment.  Cleaning Specialist Inc. (CSI) avails that opportunity to industries.

The nature of an industry whether it be a machine shop or a refinery includes massive equipment with very sensitive intricate assemblies that must be thoroughly cleaned with proper disposal methods in place.  Working with the employees to determine the delicate nature of some of these machines takes a keen understanding of basic mechanical functions and an analytical mind to step through the clean up without disturbing the rest of production.

Most importantly, Cleaning Specialist Inc prides itself in presenting a comprehensive bid prior to the beginning of work and stays true to that bid.  If there are any unforeseen circumstances once work commences, the work is halted while the customer is notified in writing of a revised bid for additional discovered work.   Written approval must be received before the work resumes through completion.  Only the highest regard is taken to insure the integrity of the company and the work.


EPA and State Environmental Agency Compliance must be followed in accordance to federal and state regulations.  CSI is trained in the industries standard cleaning methods and products that must be supervised for proper use and disposal of themselves.   In a work environment, Cleaning Specialist Inc.  follows the required OSEA regulations as they may pertain to CSI and the scene at hand.

This is why it is necessary to outsource your biohazard industrial clean-up scenes to the professionals.  Federal, state environment regulations as well as OSEA regulations change regularly for the protection of you and your employees

Who better than Cleaning Specialist Inc. is there that maintains vigilance of these processes to insure you peace of mind?

Be ahead of the potential disaster.  For a free consultation and education of the process of industrial biohazard remediation, call 1-877-570-1315.

*Cleaning Specialist Inc. is a member of the Calumet Area Industrial Commission.